Open Call / Think Tank lab Triennial, the International Festival of Contemporary Drawing is an open competition addressed to artists living in Poland or abroad. The contest’s motto and theme is A DRAWING AS AN OBJECT CONTAINING KNOWLEDGE. The aim is to present various forms of acts of drawing and actions related to drawing. It is a competition dedicated to the Arttrakt Gallery and Geppert’s Apartment in Wroclaw. We want to present valuable and innovative actions in the discipline of drawing that will allow us to describe the present state of the artistic quest in this area of creation. The idea of the section Open Call is to support and promote the artists for whom drawing is one of the most important means of expression, with a special attention paid to young artists. However, we encourage all artists active in the field of visual arts and interested in the idea of the contest to participate in this competition.

We expect diverse proposals, which refer to the concept included in the motto. This year the Drawing Triennale focuses on several issues. The concept of space and drawing understood as a graph of space are important issues. The majority of works which the audience of the festival will be able to see, especially in the premises of the Museum of Architecture and the Ossolinski National Institute were created for the purpose of the Triennale. These are taking into account all spatial parameters. Applications for the contest may be works created on paper with the use of traditional drawing tools as well as proposals prepared specifically for the interiors of the Arttrakt Gallery, Tętno Gallery and Geppert’s Apartment executed in other techniques, which represent a widely understood “drawing-oriented thinking”.

Essential information:
• Only works made in the period of 2013-2015 may be submitted, given that they satisfy the theme of the competition. There are no restrictions as to the technique. Furthermore, the works must not be suitable for reproduction. The artist must not have participated with the works in other competitions and must be the legal owner thereof.

• The artist may submit up to five works / projects in the form of an image file or video.

Application deadline: December 6th 2015 till 24:00

• Organizers call the jury that will qualify the works in two stages for the exhibition and award prizes and distinctions.

• The works for the exhibition must be delivered no later than January 5th 2015, 3 PM

• Opening of the exhibition and announcement of the results of the competition will take place on January 8th 2016

We invite you to submit papers for the open call Think Tank lab Triennale 2015-16. The selected projects will be shown during the planned presentations in exhibition spaces of the Arttrakt Gallery, Tęnto Gallery and Geppert’s Apartment.

Curator: Kama Wróbel

Competition Rules & Regulations:
Rules (PDF)
Entry Form(DOCX)