One of the main exhibitions of the Think Tank lab Triennale

03.12.2015 - 31.01.2016
opening: Thursday, 3rd December 2015, 6 PM

The Museum of Architecture in Wrocław
Bernardyńska 5 street, Wrocław

The idea of the presentation is to show drawing as the most natural gesture and language of creative expression, which both recreates and creates reality. The exhibition will feature works of nine Japanese and nine Polish artists. Most of the artworks are prepared specially for the occasion.

The title “Two Sticks” refers to the search for symmetry and differences in understanding the notion of drawing by two very different traditions, but it also focuses the viewer’s attention on the role of the 1960s avant-garde, still powerfully influencing the contemporary approach to drawing. The former Bernardine church and monastery, currently the Museum of Architecture, has hosted a number of editions of the Drawing Triennale.

This year the “Two Sticks” exhibition is a venue where the West will meet the East. Arranging the formally varied works – primarily drawing installations – in the archway and garden offers the kind of narration that leads the viewer through a multitude of meanings. The “Two Sticks” works will become yet another layer of the palimpsest of this place, using its genius loci and continuing the process of perpetual deletion and addition, so typical of both nature and culture. The exhibition will be accompanied by two film projections – a documentary about the Gutai group and archives of the Wrocław Avant-Garde. One of the Triennale’s most important artists is a “Two Sticks” participant and Gutai member – Sadaharu Horio, who will create a large-scale installation in the Presbytery.

The program also includes a review of drawing animations from the collection of the Spanish Festival Punto y Raya. Curator Maciek Bączyk has selected films which we will have an opportunity to watch for four days.

artists: Ryoko Aoki / Masaya Chiba / Jan Chwałczyk / Wanda Gołkowska / Masanori Handa / Sadaharu Horio / Zon Ito / Zdzisław Jurkiewicz / Bartosz Kokosiński / Natalia LL / Jan Mioduszewski / Chihiro Mori / Mineki Murata / Kazuki Nakahara / Magdalena Starska / Hiraku Suzuki / Aleksandra Waliszewska / Jakub Woynarowski

curators: Fumihhiko Sumitomo, Daniela Tagowska
curatorial assistant: Ayako Osanai