(tr. Rough Sketch)
One of the main exhibitions of the Think Tank lab Triennale

04.12.2015 – 27.01.2016
opening: 04.12.2015, Friday, 5 p.m.

Ossolinski National Institute
ul. Szewska 37, Wrocław

The notion of montage may shed some light on the mysterious relationship between the artist and his/her sketchbook.

The image of rough sketching brings to mind pages of messy notes, records without any hierarchy, casual entries of fleeting thoughts. A thought is not crossed out, it gets connected with the next one. Anything can be seen from different angles, various points of view. A thought is like a fly circling around a lamp – its erratic trajectory ensures a proximity to the object.

The exhibition will feature works taken straight out of sketchbooks of four artists: Olaf Brzeski, Krzysztof Gil, Paweł Jarodzki and Kama Sokolnicka, presented in an autonomous form and for the first time. Each of them deserves a separate look, but a discerning viewer will notice motifs and tropes which are common to all the artists. They include searching for a new order, montage, analysis of the medium, causative role of drawing, its narrative power. Issues raised by individual artists include the aura of an image confronted with the mechanisms of the Internet, arguments for new subjectivity, study of immobility, poignant confessions of one-time victims.

artists: Olaf Brzeski / Krzysztof Gil / Paweł Jarodzki / Kama Sokolnicka
curator: Katarzyna Roj