Punto y Raya Festival

Punto y Raya Festival - Abstract Art in Motion


Museum of Architecture in WROCŁAW
Bernardynska street 5
**1st show date: 3rd December to 7th December 2015

2st show date: 28th January to 31st January 2016
curator: Maciek Bączyk**

We are proud to present an overview of drawing animations from the collection of Spanish festival Punto y Raya. The project is being presented during four days in the sacristy of the Museum of Architecture. Visitors are invited to watch movies chosen by curator Maciek Baczyk from the TWO STICKS exhibition. His selection includes both artworks which were awarded or received an honourable mention from years 2011 and 2014.

Punto y Raya Festival started in 2007 and is dedicated to the idea of abstract movies. It was founded by MAD - Moviment d’Alliberament Digital, a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Barcelona, devoted to cultural engineering through the development of projects involving Art, Science and Technology. Until now its five editions have been realized, with the number of over 1.500 participating artists and an archive of nearly 1.800 films. The next edition is planned for the year 2016 (from 20th to 23rd of October) in Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (Karlsruhe, Germany).

The festival itself earned the title of 'the most abstract in the world'. It is known for exploring the creative possibilities of basic graphic expressions, and the intrinsic relationship between sound and non‐representational imagery. The main concept which inspires the whole idea is simple and it can be enclosed in two words; Punto (dot) and Raya (line). There are no recognisable shapes, only dots and lines. The rest is included in colour, rhythm, movement and sound, all of that contained in a short, cinematic form. All formats and techniques are allowed, there are no entry fees. Artworks may be submitted online.




Punto y Raya 2011

01 Michel Gagne - Sensology
02 Aaron Ross Supercollider - Dreamtime
03 Benjamin Rowley - Op Hop
04 Lisi Prada - Neon. El fuego en las ciudades
05 Matthias Fitz - [commercial wallpaper]
06 John Osborne - Lines for Clarinet
07 Konstantin Palyanov - Chasma - m13

Punto y Raya 2014

08 Mark Cheung - !
09 Max Hattler - Shift
10 Johan Rijpma - Primary Expansion
11 Ion Lucin - Spherikal
12 Keita Onishi - Forest and Trees
13 Raven Kwok - 1194d
14 Matt Abiss - Forming + Untitled14
15 Aristides Garcia - Harmophon
16 Alexander Stewart, Lilli Carre - Crux Film



Michel Gagné, Sensology, 04:04, 2010
Michael Gagné, Sensology https://vimeo.com/48467514


Aaron Ross Supercollider, Dreamtime, 03.00, 2014
Aaron Ross Supercollider - Dreamtime


Benjamin Rowley - Op Hop, 02:26, 2010


Lisi Prada - Neon. El fuego en las ciudades, 02:38, 2011
Lisi Prada - Neon. El fuego en las ciudades

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